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Moving Forklifts and Equipment Around Oahu

Moving business equipment around the island can be a difficult process. At Transport Oahu, we are here to help you when changes require logistical support for forklifts, motorized pallet jacks and other pieces of equipment. We also handle vehicles and other heavy hauling, too, but B2B jobs are common based on the needs that our enterprise clients have in the Oahu area.

Business Changes

Maybe you opened another location and have to shift assets around. Heavy hauling can be part of the equation. There’s always the need to assess where your assets are, and whether they are where they can be doing the most good.

We have the flatbeds and accessories to handle your heavy equipment safely, and the capability to transport items of up to 13,000 pounds. We can help you to deploy your gear to where it's needed to serve your time-sensitive business model for real-time operations. Island businesses are often busy with a combination of services for year-round residents and tourists alike, and the support that they get is essential for keeping everything running smoothly. We can make sure that your business plan doesn’t lag because of a lack of infrastructure for moving equipment and other heavy items.

Service and Repair

We get it – things break down. Then you need quick and effective repair to get your entire business process humming again.

This is another scenario where we help clients to move their resources to where they're needed. Our island transport system is vital for many of our clients who do routine maintenance or anticipate emergency repair needs from year to year. Having someone on speed dial is critically valuable to these clients. It’s not something that you can just wait around on – having things in the right place is critical to business success. But without a trusted partner, this can become a major bottleneck for daily operations.

Liquidations or Transfers

From time to time, a company experiences a change in its life cycle. Sometimes it's frightening how quickly assets can turn into liabilities. When you're no longer using a piece of equipment, you need it gone – whether it's to market or to some form of long-term storage that makes financial sense. What you don't want is to have these heavy assets sitting around in the way of a liquidation or merger activity, or some other big change

Call Transport Oahu for quick and effective service around the islands. Check out our gallery to see what we have done for clients in the past. We are here to help your business succeed!

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