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How Much is 13,000 Pounds?

When you want to arrange for quick and easy emergency transportation or heavy jobs around Oahu, TransportOahu can help. We haul motorcycles, cars, trucks, SUVs and pieces of equipment, and handle all kinds of vehicle removal and towing. It’s no problem.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to contact for a heavy job. Lots of shops can handle cars, but what about larger loads? When you look at our website, you can see that we have resources available to move up to 13,000 pounds. That might not sound like a lot until you look at what your typical vehicle weighs.

First of all, your average sedan is going to weigh around 3000 pounds and, in some cases, a bit less. Then you're looking at trucks, where for example, a 2013 Dodge Durango weighs just over 4700 pounds. That helps you to get an idea of where the average truck falls on the weight spectrum. We could haul the weight equivalent of two and a half Dodge Durangos!

Or think about this: a 2012 Cadillac Escalade EXT weighs 5949 pounds. That’s less than half of our weight capacity!

From looking at these weight lists, it's clear that TransportOahu can handle any kind of vehicle that you have, up to and including small box trucks and other vehicles that won't even approach 13,000 pounds. Forklifts, tractors and skid steer loaders are no problem, either.

We also offer great customer service to those who choose to use our services around the island. When you need a helping hand on Hawaiian shores, call us and we’ll help you to not only get your vehicle or equipment from point A to point B, but we’ll also help you figure out logistics and consult with you about your situation. Maybe you have a vehicle that is facing violation enforcement, or a junk vehicle that's cluttering up your property or looks like an eyesore. We understand! Our philosophy is that by going the extra mile and meeting our customer where they are, we enhance our reputation for friendly, convenient service. Sometimes we say it like this: any business is really about people! Who do you want coming to haul your vehicle? A shop that cares or one that’s just out to get your money?

When you feel like you're stranded, we can help, so let us know and we’ll come out and get you the service that you need, with a minimum of hassles, headaches and hard problems. We have the tools and the skill to get the job done, and we have the friendly demeanor that will have you putting us on speed dial! Aloha!

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